With his ever-present swagger, Swoop has been the face of the Eagles since Emory began NCAA competition. A bald eagle who inspires thoughts of American history and Georgia heritage, Swoop has stomped the Emory sidelines for decades, appearing at thousands of games, matches, and meets.

His antics and routines have inspired athletes and spectators alike. Swoop's clawed feet have occasionally been affixed to roller skates and his winged arms have tossed thousands of souvenirs to Emory sports fans. In addition to his appearances on the Emory sidelines, Swoop has represented Emory Athletics off-campus as well. Swoop has helped raise funds for an array of charities and brought smiles to children's faces with his activities at dozens of Atlanta community events. The formation of Swoop's Squad has enabled young children of all ages to learn about Emory sports and forge a relationship with one of the most dynamic mascots in college athletics.

Swoop's look has been updated twice since his inception. In accordance with the Emory Athletics logo change in 2005, Swoop got a transformation of his own. Now with a sleek and muscular build, Swoop proudly leads the Eagles into battle game after game.

  • Name: Swoop
  • Date of Birth: July 4th, 1986.
  • Habitat: the WoodPEC
  • Species: Bald Eagle
  • Favorite Band: The Eagles (Don Henley, not Glenn Frey), Eagle Eye Cherry is a close second.
  • Favorite Actor: Gregory Peck, Russell Crowe
  • Favorite Athletes: Larry Bird , Jeff Feagles, Brian Cardinal, and, of course, any former, current, or future Emory student-athlete.